Sunday, March 11, 2007

March 11, 2007

I suppose I was destined to begin watching a soap opera. The transgendered character recently introduced on All My Children has begun her transition in earnest. I set my DVR to record all the programs. Thank goodness for the fast forward button to zip past the commercials.

The TG character, Zoe attended her first support group meeting this past Friday. Aside from the actor playing Zoe, the support group members are all transgendered men and women. The group is facilitated by Jenny Boylan, author of 'She's Not There'. When I learned Jenny Boylan would be a regular, I knew it would be well done. It's good to see a program presenting the community in a positive way. As I watched, it reminded me of some groups I've been part of. Incidentally, the one transman in the group had a small part in the movie 'Transamerica'.

I did think Zoe was a bit overly dramatic when the endocrinologist explained possible side effects of hormones. Then I reminded myself, it's a soap opera; it's supposed to be overly dramatic. So I suppose a certain allowance must be made.

Everyone in the TG community has heard about the events of the last couple weeks in Largo, FL. For those reading this who are are not aware, Steve Stanton, city manager of the city came out as transsexual and announced his plans to transition. After a tumultuous meeting, the city council voted to fire him.

Events like this one drive home the point that much work remains to be done in gaining the acceptance each individual deserves. Someone described this situation as a lightning rod for transgender rights. That is well stated.

The irony is Susan Stanton has been well respected for her competency. Only when she allowed her true self to become manifest, was she ostracized. Many activists are converging on this city. There could be both pros and cons to that, but suffice it to say, this will have lasting repercussions.

What really makes some of us crazy is the fact a local Baptist minister made the statement that, "if Jesus was here, I guarantee, He would want him terminated". That is so asinine as to deserve neither comment nor attention. I mention it because his statement was carried by the media. Perhaps that is a good thing, in that it shows the ignorance and prejudice that continues to exist in this world.

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