Sunday, July 01, 2007

July 1, 2007

If it's true that bad things tend to come in threes, I should be in great shape now. The Friday before Memorial Day, my home was flooded by a burst pipe while I was at work. The carpet had to be replaced and I spent the weekend in a hotel with Girl (my cat). That's another story in itself.

A situation at work has made it clear it's time to begin looking for new employment, not an easy thing since life changes never come easily and I've made very few changes during my work years. Even so, once we accept change, it becomes easier to pursue.

I had surgery June 22nd to repair a torn tendon in my right arm. The splint was taken off and the sitches removed this past Friday. It's a matter now of regaining mobility and reducing pain. I begin physical therapy this coming Thursday. My right arm will be in a sling a few more weeks, although I can rest my arm on a pillow and type. Being offline for a week was a major bother.

The surgery forced me to miss our Kappa Beta meting last weekend. This meeting was a special tribute to one of our senior members. A friend read my piece for me. I know I missed a rather emotional gathering.

This coming weekend is our Charlotte Gender Alliance meeting. I'm excited about the contribution we will be able to make to both the TG community in the Charlotte area and our community as a whole. A lot of input has made this possible. This is going to be a worthwhile effort.

I was hoping to hear from my children on Fathers' Day, but it didn't happen. This is not a unique situation to many of us, but still brings a certain sadness. As I have said, no matter what the future holds, I will always be proud to be their father. I shall remain open to them.

Even with the not so good things coming threes, I realize more than ever how much my friends and family mean. Many others are not nearly as well off as I am. Life is still good.

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