Saturday, September 13, 2008

Sept. 13, 2008

I've often thought a most unique act would be a transgender ventroliquist. I mean, how many have you seen? Actually there are a few.

Terri Rogers of Great Britain (1937-1999) was one of the best. You can view a clip of her on Youtube here. Excuse the somewhat salty language at the beginning. There just aren't many transgender ventriloquists

I've thought about doing a ventriloquist act at one of the Christmas parties this year. It would certainly go over better than my ABBA routine last year. I've already written an act that Melanie thinks is hilarious. I wonder if she just doesn't want to hurt my feelings. Nah, couldn't be that.

I know I've talked a lot about leadership and the meaning thereof. I have seen so many times over the years when people pay lip service to the cause of human dignity, yet let the message become about them and what they have done. I've seen good people whose passion has grown to the point it overwhelms a group and drains energy that could be used in other outreach efforts.

I found the following lines on inner peace which I would like to share here. In it's simplicity, it says volumes.

By Thomas Merton:

"It is useless to try to make peace with ourselves by being pleased with everything we have done. In order to settle down in the quiet of our own being we must learn to be detached from the results of our own activity. We must withdraw ourselves to some extent, from effects that are beyond our control and be content with the good will and the work that are the quiet expression of our inner life. We must be content to live without watching ourselves live, to work without expecting an immediate reward, to love without an instantaneous gratification, and to exist without any special recognition."

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