Wednesday, October 22, 2008

one year later

Tomorrow is exactly one year since my facial surgery. It has made life much easier, so I would definitely do it again. I have thought of posting photos the day after surgery, but I can't bring myself to do it. I never knew it was possible to feel so horrible for so long, although they said I did great. The chin implant has helped round out my face; at least I think it has. You know you look bad when you get up in the morning, the cat takes a look at you and promptly throws up. That did happen.

My friend Roberta was on a panel discussion at Queens University in Charlotte last week. There was a showing of 'For The Bible Tells Me So'. There was a panel discussion afterward on what the bible says about homosexuality. As always, being transgender would not have been mentioned until Roberta volunteered for the panel. She did a great job.

I'm doing a corporate presentation in a couple weeks. I enjoy events like this so much and always look forward to the event when the time comes. We have a planning session tomorrow.

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